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earlier in the show, we asked you to weigh in on the jc penney debate and decide whether the bear or bull won. we tallied the results, and you said -- i don't think i'm surprised. steve weiss, made the better argument, weiss? >> i think we have a very intelligent audience. >> victory lap. >> i had to give you a victory thing there. pete? >> trm, this is going higher. >> doc? >> shipping. chrw. a lot of buying of may 60 calls. >> stock correcting more than 10%. bought citi yesterday and more this morning. >> tesla. among the june 40 calls, unfairly beaten up. >> tweet me. that does it for us. can you see more "fast" at 5:00 tonight. big snap back. dow marching towards all time closing highs. right now up 130 points and "power" starts now.
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>> it is 1:00 in the east. welcome, everybody. on wall street we have several breaking stories to tell you about. big news on apple and price line today. apple's shareholder's meeting and a day after a big report on priceline. we have that company's ceo. let's look at apple shares for the upday on the market. we will delve deeply into apple in just a moment. meantime, priceline, let's take a look that one. sort of the massive performance over the last few years at $698 even. it is higher by 19.51 at this instance. sue is at the new york stock exchange. hi, sue. >> hi, ty. we have a strong market day today. markets are popping on very solid economic news. durable goods numbers and good earnings. and of course ben bernanke's reaffirmation of the stimulus policy. that resulted in triple digit advance in dow jones industrial
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average. we are up almost a full percent on the trading day or 131 point. but the significance is the move of better than 1% on the upside in the s&p 500 which confirms the move on the dow. the nasdaq is participating, up better than 1%. we are seeing steam come out of the gold market though, it gave back almost everything it gave back yesterday. up about $27 yesterday. er with off of the lowest levels in gold but still down about 19 points on the trading session. and crude, last trade on that was to the down side as well. meanwhile, ty, back to you. >> sue, thank you very much. >> manager of global investments at morgan stanley, among other shares that he owns, he owns apple computer. i want to begin with your take on the u.s. market as it roars back above 14,000. do you think it can break through and go higher this year, even with the federal spending
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cuts coming? >> sure. this year, yes, absolutely. and the reason is because we are at a second stage of a bull market where there is capitulation going on. people on the side lines are saying, i'm not worried about losing any more. i'm worried about missing out. i have to get back in. that's when you see money come back into the equity market. and that will push the market higher. maybe not tomorrow or friday, but certainly this year. >> you you will like some of the growth names in the american market. some in healthcare. some in other areas. tell me about them and why. >> well, look. more of the financials are in future growth. a lot of the stocks have done very well. so you have very low multiples for future growth. traditionally growth does better in later stages. >> i want to get your views on europe in a moment but while we are still here in the u.s.,
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let's talk about apple, which is down today. shareholder meeting today. you just said you think it is naive to expect that there will be some shareholder dividend or special payout today at this meeting. it just didn't happen that way. but you will like apple, tell me the scenario of why. >> well, to be clear, they have decelerated revenue. now they will make $45 a share and the multiple hasn't gone down. so the point is the company's growth rate is deselling but they have things out there, namely cash dividends or stock buy-backs or dividends that will force shareholder pressure to do something. i look back to 2004. remember, microsoft came under the same pressure and they ended up paying a special dividend. the stock did very well those months into that special dividend. >> ill ask a truly far-fetched
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question and you can smack me if you wish. apple, feels to me in a funny way, the way dell felt to me in 2000, 2001. it owned the world. and then revenue started to slow. competition came in. >> exactly. >> dell had a secret. they addhad a secret sauce of bd to order. so does apple. is apple potentially dell in ten years? >> life cycles 2in technology i very short. will the iphone be there in two years? >> they don't stay on top for long. but having said that, there is something short term. >> quick final thought. you like it. >> yes. >> more selectively. >> seven months into it. remember we spoke in september and lo and behold, the second half of the year, europe rallied and so i think just earlier in
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the a 5i com dative central bank policy, period. high levels of skepticism towards zero. >> that's a good time to invest. people are underinvested in europe. >> thank you. good to see you. thanks for being with us. sue, done to you. >> thanks, gentlemen. we have breaking news. seven-year note auction going off, hey, rick. >> demand on the seven-year auction of 29 billion, a c plus. we are looking at yield ultimately in the auction of 1.26. right in between virtually the 126, 125.5 when issued market. all of the metrics were average. indirect bidders at 33.4 on the light side direct bidders with 18.2, heavier than 16. but very similar to yesterday. moving 9 billion in supply. normally a rally pushing rates down. we will see.
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sue, back to you. >> thank you very much, rick. priceline's fourth quarter results beating the street tuesday evening. right now shares are up high on the day by about 2 1/3 percent on the trading session. simon hobbs is one of our co-anchors here, one of the best interviews in the business today, and he has the ceo, jeffrey boyd, exclusively. simon? >> mr. boyd, welcome to "power lunch." welcome to cnbc. let's dive straight in. you beat the estimates by 2 p cents. better earnings than the streets expected. how do you feel about your fourth quarter? >> we think it was an excellent quarter for the business. we were pleasantly surprised to see a little bit of acceleration in our room night growth and in international hotel results in particular. and that led to a bet are than expected quarter. >> i'm trying to imagine what it is like to be inside a business that is growing at 30%, 40% internationally.
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and yet still, when you go on the conference call, having to be quite defensive about the strategy, about the margins, about the resilience of growth that came up many times. do you think you will be able to reverse the decline in your margins or as you expand, will it always cost you more for each customer? >> well, i think that if you look at how the business performed over the course of the last year, was really an excellent year. especially given our exposure to the european markets. and the economies in western europe in particular and southern europe. our business model has performed quite well and that's where the word resilience comes in, that with really nice tail winds in business and they can do well even when the economy is not great. we look at investments we make in the business as an opportunity to build for growth into the future. and we are delighted to have that opportunity and to have strong margins that puts us in a better position than any other company in our space to take
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those steps. >> and to be fair, there is a lot of positive comment this morning. calling you up 30% to $900 per share because he believes that international growth can accel brat. but just to come back to that margin question, you will be aware of the morgan stanley out recently that suggests your margins could fall over the next three years. how scared should investors be when they hear that from the likes of morgan stanley? >> you know, i have to leave it to investors to come to their own conclusions about the trade-off between operating margins and growth. but we think it is the best thing for the business for our hotel and rental car suppliers and for customers and shareholders. for us to invest in these very, very attractive opportunities. particularly in markets like asia-pacific and latin-america that are in the very early days of building jn line travel. we want to be there and invest
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aggressively because those are great opportunities. >> you know, some people that believe the stock is expensive would look at it at 18 times earnings and say that's relatively fully priced. how do you make the transition to being like jeff, at amazon, who came through, through investment with a further quarter loss but is still able to trade 178 times four earnings. can you do that? >> i look at our job as to manage the business and we don't really focus on the multiple. that's for investors and analysts to deal with. but i think there is one similarity that jeff bezos demonstrated, that it is worthwhile to make investments in businesses that have great growth opportunities and if you deliver growth to the investors, typically, they are satisfied with that. they appreciate that trade-off. >> mr. boyd, sue herera here. thank you, as well from me, for joining us.
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we are facing sequestration cuts at the end of the week. a lot of economists we talked to said if indeed these go into effect, people will once again pull in the purse strings which might have an affect on your business. how worried about you on sequestration and dysfunction in washington right now? >> i think i'm worried about it both as a voter and as a business man. our business came through the fiscal cliff in pretty good form. and i think consumers are determined to go on in our lives and to the degree that they can. all of these potential disruptions are not good for consumer sentiment or the economy and we would like it see those, the sequester solved and not have a series of banksmanship governing. >> you do not expect an impact on your bottom line, though, if indeed the sequestration cuts go into effect? >> at this point in time, i don't think given the magnitude of the cuts relative to the total size of the federal
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government that in the near term it is going to have a big impact on the consumer. i also think there's an expectation in the marketplace that the sequestration, even if it comes into play on the first of march, might not necessarily last for a very long time. >> if i could ask you a question about a story earlier this week, we are asking all of the ceos that come on cnbc about this, there is a big broohaha out thereabout marisa marissa mayer's comments about everyone needs to be in the office and not telecommuting. do you have telecommuting at your company? >> we certainly have people working remotely at our businesses around the world. but i think you can really only evatvaluate that decision with t is going on in yahoo!. marisa is a new ceo.
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if they have a substantial number of people not working in the office, it gets hard to really understand the relative contribution people are making and there may be something unique there that makes it the right decision for yahoo! even if it is not the right decision for other businesses. >> simon, last word in? >> no, i think i'm more or less done, to be honest with you. >> that's great. mr. boyd, thank you very much. appreciate it. tyler, back to you. >> thank you. >> sue, simon, thank you very much. two economic reports pleasing wall street today. commerce department says nondefense capital goods orders, manufacturing goods, surge 6.3% in january. that's the biggest gain in more than a year. congress expecting a rise of 0.2%. what do economists know, i guess? business investment activity could provide a lift for the economy. and that is sending manufacturing stocks higher. there is a quartet of them all
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to the jup siup side. demand for civilian and defense aircraft fell sharply. take away the transportation orders and those durable goods orders increase by 1.9%. that would be better than expected and there are some durable good companies, including whirl pool, boeing and danaher. sue? >> tyler, are you a betting man? >> not really, i'm not. >> well, then you're out of luck. new jersey is rolling the dice on internet glambling. becoming the third state in the u.s. to make that move. before the break, big down movers on this wednesday afternoon with the dow jones industrial average up 132 points. look at the cap, up. [ man ] i've been out there most of my life. you name it...i've hooked it.
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150,000 people packed into st. peters square at the vatican today for pope benedict xvi's final audience. the pontiff talked about his decision to advocate. >> the vatican is rolling the dice on a new pope so to speak. look at moves on boyd, caesar's, las vegas sands and mgm resorts. all significant movers today. new jersey becoming the third state now to legalize on-line gambling behind nevada and delaware.
1:19 pm
garden state's governor, chris christie. i'm the only man who can block chris christie, frankly. he assigned a bill on tuesday that will include his demands for a ten-year trial period of internet gambling and raising taxes on atlantic city casinos internet winnings to 15%. christie saying, this was a critical decision and one i did not make lightly. gamblers would have to set up on-line accounts with a particular casino. the state division of gaming enforcement will improve final rules and choose a start date later this year. sue? >> ty, julia boorstin is live in l.a. with details on how the new law in new jersey will impact zynga. julia? >> it could be a game changer for zynga as it struggles to have social and mobile games. zynga shares sharply higher today, up over 7%. though its stock is still down over 70% in the past year. now 30 million people played
1:20 pm
zing wh zynga's poker game. this will also benefit private companies, can which are launching on-line gambling overseas as well as infrastructure providers like betable. poke are stars should benefit as well as traditional casinos. we will see if zynga partneres with one of them in order to tackle this new market. sue, tyler? >> thank you very much, julia. watered down budweiser? the outrage. beer lovers filing a class action lawsuit against the bud brewer. we have the scoop and suds. coming up, power pitch. start-ups give us their 60-second pitch. >> i'm james, co-founder of >> my question is, what is pro
1:21 pm
pry tarity about it. >> do these founders have what it takes. >> are you in or out on crowdtilt? >> stay tuned to find out. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. hello, everyone. i'm tyler mathisen. this is the power pitch.
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interviewers get 60 seconds and not a second more to make a pitch then our panel of experts will ask questions about the business, giving you inside access into the dynamic world of shart-ups. james beshara is ceo and co-founder of crowdtilt. they want it make your event and purchases easier and the company is getting a lot of attention in silicon valley. here is his power pitch. >> i'm james beshara, co-founder of we created crowdtilt because paining a an event is a pain in the [ bleep ]. collecting money from people is a knit mare. sending out e-mail, collecting money by cash, check, paypal. keeping track on who paid and who hasn't and keeping track on an excel spreadsheet is
1:25 pm
complicated, but shouldn't be. with crowdtilt, you throw up a page in a few seconds and you can start collecting money from anyone in the community, country or even just your office. once the target of what you are trying to reach is met, all of the credit cards are charged and the money is sent directly to your bank account in one lump sum. no dealing with multiple threads or multiple people or cheap skates that haven't paid. it is simple. >> you don't have to deal with the cheap skates. that's the gift that keeps on giving. james is on the right side of your screen. he can't react just yet. on our panel today is media reporter for cnbc julia boorstin and silicon valley power broker neval ravikant. he is ceo and founder of angel list. you have heard of twitter, uber, four squares, and he just might
1:26 pm
make an investment here to put his money into crowdtilt here on the pouch pitch. all right, folks, let's huddle up. julia, why don't you start in what are your initial reactions? >> is a great idea. i can think of a half a dozen experiences in the past six months where i would love to have something like this. my question is, what is proprietary about it? >> it is very different from crowdtilt but they managed to resist push from paypal. they connect strangers to campaigns where james connects friends. connecting friends is not that hard and maybe not as valuable. >> all right. very interesting points there. plenty to work on. james, well welcome. this is the hot seat. it is your turn to answer questions from our panel. julia, you get to go first. >> james, what is your competitive advantage here? >> speed is our biggest asset. building a product out as
1:27 pm
quickly as possible. something that paypal has tried two or three times to make their product more social and they have really struggled in that area. with crowdtilt is started social and social is in our dna and design of the product. what we need to do is continue it move extremely fast. >> how many people are using it and how fast is it growing? >> it is growing quickly. one of the best things we have going for us is the word of mouth of the product. and the user experience seems to be something our users and customers like. >> on the margin side, how much do you taken a do you think can you maintain rates overtime. >> sure. we take 2.5%. our challenge is to make sure the prod subject good enough to where people say, i don't want to use cash even though it is free because crowdtilt is so easy. that's our challenge. >> what is your plan to drive adoption. word of mouth is valuable here.
1:28 pm
do you need to market this product? >> the great thing about the model and we fell backwards into it. if you send it out to your 12, 15 friends, they all have to use it. it is inherent in the model that you have to share it with friends. that's our biggest boom today for growth. >> let's ask the key question, are you in or are you out on crowdtilt? julia? >> i have questions about the competitive landscape. i think the mark set potentially enormous. if crowd tilt can be flexible in the way it allows people to use it, it'll be an incredibly valuable service. i'll be in. >> naval, how about you? >> i think it is inherently viral and it spreads itself. i agree, julia, if you worry about defensibility over time but those are solvable issues. so i'm in. >> to what level would you invest? >> if james is raising money, i would put money in. i would put in tens or hundreds of thousands, pending due
1:29 pm
diligence and availability. >> i like three things about it. viral, social and anybody who touches money. i think those three things together make this a winner. so james, you got three yeses. you're going to hollywood. >> all right! >> thanks very much for joining us. and thanks naval and julia. that is the power pitch. naval said tens or even hundreds of thousandis, he would be willing to put in. he is now in with a real invest many of $50,000 into that company, crowdtilt. not bad for a 60-second power pitch. that is reality television, folks. and we want to hear from you. are you in or out on crowdtilt? go to how about that, sue? >> i think that's fantastic, ty. that's great. we will have to follow him when he ipos.
1:30 pm
we will see how it works for him. >> we will probably all work for him. >> you're probably right. a big move in the market to the upside. up 132 point on the dow jones and we will have big movers this hour. we are watching tech as well. as apple, you know, facing shareholders today after a big drop in the last six months and down better than 1% right now. before the break, the defense stocks, we are nearing that deadline for government cuts and right now, they have bounced back after being hit hard earlier in the week. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, please? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day.
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welcome back to "power lunch." i'm share onnon epperson. we are looking at a decline of nearly $20 here in the gold market. of course this is after the best one-day performance we've seen all year for gold that is on the heels of fed chairman ben bernanke's. today it is old news and we are looking at yet again the rotation out of gold and into equities and we are looking at a key level that needs to be reached for the momentum upside
1:34 pm
to continue. sue, traders are saying, if we don't see 1620 again, we are looking at more down side. >> thanks you very much. strong market day. and bob pisani joins me with perspective on that. broad-based. >> a calm in the markets now. convincing everyone they won't be liquidating any time soon. and they did move the market a little bit. take a look at s&p because around 12:30, they were talking about the 6.5% target that they had. he said, well, we can see 6% unemployment, three years from now. market moving up to its highs of the day on that comment. there is that circle that you see. but you can see the rally started with a very big gap up early on the day and transports other factors on the back of a very good durable goods report. all of the big multiindustry companies. companies that sell across many countries and industries, all were strong today. itt, eaton, all those big companies.
1:35 pm
defense and aerospace and sequester for companies strong in defense, not showing any declines here at all. then pending home sales numbers, sue. at 10:00 supporting home sales numbers. and look at housing related stocks throughout the day. good economic news is the key. >> absolutely. that's what ty will talk about with steve liesman. you will be back with me in just a second. >> steve liesman is one of the reasons whab from an economic perspective is really the reason behind today's move? >> i thought the market started off strong today. as pisani just pointed out. maybe the first hundred points of the valley was just the economic numbers. but inside that, capital investment number is and then pending home sales numbers. a good trifecta of economic data. maybe the last 30 point or 20 point is the fed chairman stating that market maybe knows or could have known but the idea we won't hit 6% unemployment by his estimate until 2016. what does this mean? bernanke said we will not get to
1:36 pm
what he considers to be the long run unemployment rate of the economy until 2016. if you look at the chart of the fed's forecast of unemployment you see 6.3 percent in 2015. so what he is saying if you go down more and that means, policy could be open or easy until that time. >> very quickly, i'm told to ask you, what in the world does moroccan pottery classes have to do with it. >> the new tea party congressman from wisconsin said how can you say he with shouldn't cut the budget when we spend $27 million on moroccan pottery classes. a real passion back and forth over whether there is a lot of waste in government spending. duffey overstated the numbers a bit but we are spending money on that. >> a lot of pots. >> a lot of pots. >> sue, back to you. >> ty, thank you. kenny, bob pisani here, and josh lipton here too, to talk about the markets. kenny, you thought it that was an unbelievable exchange. >> a great exchange. i didn't know this congressman.
1:37 pm
i was watching on television and i saw the exchange. i thought he painted bernanke right into the corner. he says, listen, we are talking 2% and we can't find 2% across the board. families have found it, businesses have found it and you say we can't find it. and ben bernanke, didn't know what to say. okay, i hear you, but we are talking 2% across the board. i thought it was great. >> 2% isn't nothing tp president obama has been laying out exactly how many people might be fired in defense. >> he is playing the alarmist role. sending out e-mails today about no more meals on wheels for elderly. are you kidding me? are you kidding me? that's where we're going with th this? >> the market doesn't seem to be paying too much attention to it. that the interesting point to me. i'm hearing, when i walk in the door down here, the teflon market word again. josh lipton, i don't know if you see that in the internals you're looking at from your perspective.
1:38 pm
what are you watching and this seems to be a fairly broad-based move in the market. >> you heard bob and steve touching on this. there are three trend. you have commentary out of chairman bernanke repeating support for stimulus. have you italy. we had release from the five and ten-year bond offerings. durable goods, transportation, i think it is good to see moves? individual names and you'll time highs in consumer names. talking about kellogg, hershey, clorox, delphi automotive. some strategists remain long-term bullish. >> kenny and bob, do you think that some of the fear of losing money from investors is now dissipating a little bit? now that the switch is to, i don't want to miss out on making some money, it is a subtle change of wording but it is a big change in psychology. >> i think there is new money
1:39 pm
coming into the market. in the last several weeks, you can see the volume sort of commanding a little bit. it is noted here on the floor. we've been stronger in the last few days. i think today will be lower than in the prior few days. but on the down side, tuesday, big volume on the upside and today we get descent volume, above normal. >> and we are stuck here at 1510 s , which is the range we have been talking about on the upside. i don't think there is much higher for the moment just until we see what happens in the next 72 hours. >> meaning washington? >> meaning sequester, what will happen. so i think this is the upper range. just for tomorrow. >> thanks, guys. thanks, josh. ty, over to you. >> to apple folks, with the stock down 15% so far this year. ceo tim cook is meeting with shareholders to discuss the growth outlook for the company. apple's 137 million cash, also a major topic of discussion. john fortt is live at apple
1:40 pm
headquarters in cupertino, california. john? >> turned out to be a love fest from shareholder perspective. tim cook made it clear that apple was not going to say anything more about returning money to shareholders. many here seem to like it. let's go through some of what he had to say. it was interesting to see calpers and others rally behind management in its take on the einhorn versus apple battle over handling of preferred shares. apple saying they want shareholders to be able to vote on any issuance of preferred shares. einhorn didn't like the way that was bundled into proposal number two which ended up not coming up for a vote because the court said it couldn't come up for a vote. dissident voices coming in support of apple management here. einhorn was not here. going down some of the votes, entire board looking to be re-elected based on preliminary vote count. human rights proposal, someone
1:41 pm
proposing the board have a special human rights committee. that was voted down. which apple wanted. there was a proposal that executives be rider to hold a third of their stock until retirement age. that was also voted down. shareholders questions ran the range. some even asked why there are no bathrooms on the third street store in southern california. an lot of pressure on them today. >> thank you very much, j jon fortt. hi, seema. >> hi, sue. we are up on the day following through bear nanky's comments on the fed monetary policy. in response traders seem to use the risk on approach to trading. a lot of volatility in shares of apple as jonfortt was just mentioning. we are seeing shares of apple done on the day. also take a look at one sector on a tear, on-line travel players. priceline reporting better than expected earnings.
1:42 pm
ceo jeffrey boyd speaking here on "power lunch" about the firm's strong domestic and international presence. its peers also getting a bit in today's trade within biotech, take a look at vertex pharmaceuticals. a cystic fibrosis fatal drug, projecting cystic fibrosis to become a $4 billion opportunity by 2020. sue? >> thank you, seema. the stock markets giving bonds a lot of competition today. rick santelli is tracking action at cme. hi, ricky. >> auctions are over, sue and stock mark set coming back like it did yesterday. and all of that of course is keeping treasuries at least for moment, a little higher than they were in yield, little over price earlier in the session. look at the chart of 10s and 30s. if it was an ekg, you would think the patient was in a deep
1:43 pm
sleep. definitely improving and we have been talking about this the last couple of days, if treasuries improve while yields move down. appetite for yield is growing again. if you look at the euro, particularly interesting. year to date, right side of the chart and left side are the same. is this where we find a footing to the correction? time will tell, tyler. it's all yours. >> thank you very much. number of retail stocks helping drive today's session. target moving lower after disappointing wall street. company saying february sales have been softer than expected. coach, though, moving the other direction. higher on speck lace that the company could, underscore, could, put itself up for sales. dollar tree hitting the high after better than expected fourth quarter earnings. sue? >> ty, we have a barn-burner. dow hit the high of the day. we will have more on the markets
1:44 pm
in just a minute. plus king of reality tv, mark burnett unveiling his next big idea. plus, one food stock rallying big time right now. well name those names. as we head out, a look at the big name tech with the likes of microsoft leading the way up 1.75%. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed
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♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. and coming up on "street signs." the wind beneath the market's wings again. bill gross will be on the show and he has a warning for us. also we have all of the headlines coming out of apple
1:47 pm
and are you too busy to shop or put together an outfit? we will talk it cake style. they send your whole look to your door. really interesting story. all these things coming up at the top of the hour. >> mandy, thank you very much. somehow appropriately, flowers foods, a company named flowers, set to buy hostesses bread band, including wonder bread. price tag, $360 million. deal is still subject to approval by a bankruptcy court. let's look at flowers foods. they are higher, shares are, by 1.47 at 29.16. sue? >> ty, as you know, mark burnett is tv's most prominent creator of reality shows. a net worth forbs pegs as 55 million, one of the most successful as well. these are everyday names we know now. survivor, apprentice, shark tank and the voice. are you smarter than a fifth grader and nbc's the voice.
1:48 pm
now putting the mitas to a new mini series, the bible. it is an amazing epic. joining us "power lunch." >> thanks for being here. >> a pleasure to be here. >> i want to start with a broader topic. that is tv in general. the future of traditional television. with technology moving wait it is now, there are all of these devices coming to market that will allow people to skip through commercials, completely. or eliminate them completely, like hopper. how do you think traditional television has to change to accommodate that and perhaps more importantly can traditional television survive? >> first of all, it is really happening of course. i have three teenagers and they often watch shows dvr and an entire series at one time sometimes. but in the end, more people are watching television than ever.
1:49 pm
they are watching it in different ways. so story, story, story is what you've always got to remember. it is a matter of creators in the television studios to think of new ways to mon advertise and the bible, one of two things you do. either you have to have an event that someone watches live at that moment, like "the voice" for example. you need to watch that at the moment. or something you watch later and repeat on dvd. i think a bible series is both. it is an event, huge event and also dvds. >> if i could go back to your comment of just a few moments ago, because you said, television executives need to adapt to that and come up with ways to solve the solution. like what? how do they do that? how do they continue to monitize their product in the way you just described for us. >> dvd sales are up in a huge way. if stories that are good and if
1:50 pm
it has a global translation so that it is sold in hundred of countries around the world, and people buy the dvd, it is a great business. hollywood adapts all the time. in the end, american creative product is seen around the world more than any other country's creative product. it is healthier than ever. >> right, right. when let me turn you to the bible. what made you want it take on this particular topic? this is an epic. it will run through holy week and culminating on easter. why did you decide it take this on? >> the bible is of course the greatest story ever told. and it hasn't really ever been done genesis through revelation, my wife and i just produced and done it that way. we showed our kids a few years ago the ten commandments. which we grew up loving. and our kids rolled their eyes
1:51 pm
at the red sea parting. the cgi is outdated to them. they are used to "the hobbit" and "lord of the rings." our kids took it to school and screened part in their high school. the for teenagers to do it, it must be cool to teenagers. >> if you can impress the teen agers, it must be. one of the bigger project you have undertaken and it is different from other reality tv shows you have done before. how much of a challenge was it compared to other programs you've produced? >> production wise, it is no bigger than the other giant productions we do. it is the seriousness of it. we hired teams of thee loathiol and pastors.
1:52 pm
it will air over five sundays beginning this week. we have proo provided it to churches a went we have offered it to 80,000 churches for curriculum. >> thank you, mark, for your time. "the bible", begins sunday on the history channel. >> i'm waiting to see if cee lo green will play moses. i don't know. for the third day in a row, triple digit moves. above 14,000 once again, nasdaq and s&p higher, substantially, by more than 1% today. more markets after the break. and let's talk about a really important story. watered down budweiser. an highser hit with a lawsuit. we will talk about watery beer.
1:53 pm
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1:56 pm
deere raising its dividend. deere right new up 1.25%. bob pisani is back. market's holding up well. >> find that spread. declining stocks, volume is good. be as strong as last two days but good today. we have a lot of talk about the durable goods numbers and that's really moving the market. yes an economic number moved the market and transports on the upsides of potential good news for kansas city moving independently of that. all others are moving to the upside. important thing is while durable goods, defense and aerospace, take a look at major sectors. financials all on the upside. >> thank you, mr. pisani. ty, up to you. >> sue, grab some buds. or maybe not. class action lawsuit accusing the watering down of beer, including bud ribudweiser. what is going on? >> class action lawsuit in california followed by
1:57 pm
pennsylvania and new jersey and others to follow. each one seeking at least $5 million. claim is that they knowingly added water to beer making its printed alcohol content claims inaccurate. the california lawsuit says among other things, quote, ab's claims are false in every instance and are based on uniform can corporate policy of overstating the amount of alcohol in each of ab's product. ten brands in all are included, including budweiser, bud light, michelob and i thought michelob ultra was mainly water anyway. they say our beers are in kulful compliance with labelling laws. we reached out for comment but have not heard back. the same day they reported earnings, profit is down year over year but volume in the u.s. is up for the first time since the merger in 2008. that's the key. even if lawsuits go nowhere, what does this do to sales? 40% of profit and third of
1:58 pm
overall sales come from the united states, just when they are turning around here in post recession u.s. this could be something that has an impact on that progress. and tyler, the lawyer on the case be will be on closing bell. we will get more from him later. >> i will be in st. louis this weekend doing up close research. top beer brand on the wall. number five's brazil skull. corona more than 30 million barrels sold. budweiser is number 3. they claim 5% alcohol by volume. number one brand of beer in the w0r8, chinese, snow beer. 50.8 million barrels. sue? >> wow, who knew. what do you do after you buy a hawaiian island? how about buy the airline that gets you there? we will talk about that next. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?!
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